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BF Bob Farris
PG Paul Goodman
DH Dave Hassinger
MC Mickey Crofford
EB Ed Begley
RG Richard Gump
RH Ray Hall
BH Bill Howe
LL Lewis Layton
JN John Norman
EO Ernest Oelrich
BP Bill Porter
AS Al Schmitt
BS Bob Simpson
KW Kenneth Wilkinson
Recording Venue
H Hollywood
N Nashville
NYC New York City
OH Orchestra Hall, Chi.
SF San Francisco
SA Studio A, NYC
SB Studio B, NYC
WH Webster Hall

Bob's Recommended LSP List

Cat No
Last Update
LSP-1401 Skitch Henderson Sketches by Skitch     11/15/2000
LSP-1403 Julie Andrews The Lass With The Delicate Air     12/3/2005
LSP-1445 Alex North North of Hollywood     11/14/2000
LSP-1479 Tito Puente Mucho Puente     11/14/2000
LSP-1522 New Glenn Miller Orchestra In Hi-Fi   WH 11/14/2000
LSP-1525 Pipes and Drums of the Black Watch Highland Pageantry     11/14/2000
LSP-1556 Perez Prado Prez     11/14/2000
LSP-1559 Frankie Carle Frankie Carle and His Beautiful Dolls     11/14/2000
LSP-1566 Lee Wiley A Touch of the Blues     7/31/2003
LSP-1567 Bob Scobey Between 18th and 19th     11/16/2000
LSP-1578 Three Suns Let’s Dance     11/14/2000
LSP-1610 Carlos Montoya Flamenco Guitar     11/14/2000
LSP-1634 Sauter-Finegan Memories of Goodman and Miller     11/14/2000
LSP-1645 Eddie Cano Deep in a Drum     11/14/2000
LSP-1677 Hugo Winterhalter Hugo Winterhalter Goes Latin JN NYC 11/16/2000
LSP-1678 New Glenn Miller Orchestra Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue EO WH 11/16/2000
LSP-1680 Ames Brothers Destination Moon RH NYC 12/8/2000
LSP-1717 Gogi Grant Welcome To My Heart     7/22/2001
LSP-1718 Cootie Williams In Stereo JN WH 8/30/2001
LSP-1721 Guckenheimer Saurkraut Band Music for Non-Thinkers RG SF 11/14/2000
LSP-1734 Three Suns Having A Ball   WH 11/16/2000
LSP-1741 Jimmie McHugh In Hi-Fi     11/14/2000
LSP-1749 Esquivel Four Corners of the World   H 11/14/2000
LSP-1753 Esquivel Other Worlds Other Sounds   H 11/16/2000
LSP-1757 Melachrino Orchestra Strauss Waltzes     11/14/2000
LSP-1760 Belafonte Singers Presenting The Belafonte Singers     11/14/2000
LSP-1762 Melachrino Strings Lisbon At Night     11/14/2000
LSP-1763 Shorty Rogers Afro-Cuban Influence   H 11/16/2000
LSP-1769 6 Fat Dutchmen       11/14/2000
LSP-1773   Bob and Ray Throw a Stereo Spectacular RH   11/14/2000
LSP-1781 Cootie Williams In Stereo     11/14/2000
LSP-1788 Los Indios Tabajaras Sweet and Savage     11/14/2000
LSP-1789 Johnny Conquet Raisins and Almonds     11/14/2000
LSP-1799 Vaughn Monroe There I Swing/Swing It Again     11/14/2000
LSP-1854 Bing Crosby/Rosemary Clooney Fancy Meeting You Here BH H 11/14/2000
LSP-1862 George Feyer Memories of Viennese Operas BS NYC 11/14/2000
LSP-1864 Guy Warren Sounds Themes for African Drums EO WH 7/31/2003
LSP-1866 Dick Schory Music for Bang, Barroom, and Harp   OH 11/14/2000
LSP-1867   Music Boxes and Chiming Clocks From the Alec Templeton Collection     11/14/2000
LSP-1882 Xavier Cugat The King Plays Some Aces JN NYC 7/31/2003
LSP-1909 Arthur Murray Music for Dancing     11/14/2000
LSP-1923 Hans Conreid Monster Rally     11/14/2000
LSP-1927 Harry Belafonte Love Is A Gentle Thing BS,EO,TN H, NYC 1/5/2001
LSP-1929 Bernie Green Musically Mad JN NYC 11/16/2000
LSP-1944 Coldstream Guards Marching Down Broadway     11/14/2000
LSP-1947 Henri René Compulsion To Swing BS WH 2/10/2003
LSP-1948 New Glenn Miller Orchestra On Tour     11/14/2000
LSP-1952 Ximenez-Vargas Ballet Espanol BS   11/14/2000
LSP-1956 Henry Mancini Music From Peter Gunn   H 11/14/2000
LSP-1957 6 Fat Dutchmen Schottisches     11/14/2000
LSP-1958 Washboard Band Scrubbin’ and Pickin’     11/14/2000
LSP-1968 Ralph Hunter Choir The Wild Wild West BS WH 12/4/2003
LSP-1969 Urbie Green Best of New Broadway   WH 11/14/2000
LSP-1971 Perry Como Saturday Night With Mr. C BS SA 12/8/2000
LSP-1972 Harry Belafonte Sings the Blues   NYC & H 11/14/2000
LSP-1982 Los Chavales De Espana Fire and Spice RH   11/14/2000
LSP-1986 Carlos Montoya From St. Louis to Seville EB SA 11/14/2000
LSP-1987 Xavier Cugat Chile con Cugat     10/2/2004
LSP-1992 Belafonte Singers Cheers     11/14/2000
LSP-1993 Chet Atkins In Hollywood   H 11/14/2000
LSP-1997 Shorty Rogers The Wizard of Oz   H 12/8/2000
LSP-2002 Henri René Riot in Rhythm BS WH 11/14/2000
LSP-2028 Perez Prado Pops and Prado BS WH 11/14/2000
LSP-2040 Henry Mancini More Music from Peter Gunn AS NYC 11/14/2000
LSP-2042 Buddy Morrow Impact BS WH 11/14/2000
LSP-2045 Larry Elgart New Sounds at the Roosevelt EO, BS NYC 11/14/2000
LSP-2059 Diamond Head Beachcombers Aloha From Hawaii BS NYC 11/14/2000
LSP-2062   Music from M Squad AS H 11/16/2000
LSP-2066 Perry Como Season’s Greetings     11/14/2000
LSP-2070 Marty Gold Sticks and Bones   WH 11/14/2000
LSP-2089 Jesse Belvin Just Jesse Belvin     7/31/2003
LSP-2091 Del Wood Mississippi Showboat BP N 6/15/2002
LSP-2103 Chet Atkins Mr. Guitar BP, BF N 11/16/2000
LSP-2110 Shorty Rogers Swinging Nutcracker     12/8/2000
LSP-2113 Tito Puente Mucho Cha-Cha     11/14/2000
LSP-2116 Ralph Hunter Choir A Gilbert and Sullivan Songbook BS   11/14/2000
LSP-2118 Sons of the Pioneers Cool Water JN H 11/14/2000
LSP-2125 Dick Schory Music to Break Any Mood LL OH 11/16/2000
LSP-2131 Bob and Ray On A Platter     11/14/2000
LSP-2133 Perez Prado and Rosemary Clooney A Touch of Tobasco AS H 11/14/2000
LSP-2140   Music From Mike Hammer JN H 11/18/2000
LSP-2147 Henry Mancini The Blues and The Beat AS H 7/31/2003
LSP-2151 Floyd Cramer Hello Blues     11/14/2000
LSP-2152 Arthur Murray Music for Dancing     11/14/2000
LSP-2153 Arthur Murray Music for Dancing     11/14/2000
LSP-2154 Arthur Murray Music for Dancing     11/14/2000
LSP-2157 Della Reese Della Reese RH   11/14/2000
LSP-2161 Chet Atkins Teensville BP N 7/22/2001
LSP-2164 Marty Paich Take Me Along AS H 11/14/2000
LSP-2167 Hugo Winterhalter Goes Gypsy BS WH 11/16/2000
LSP-2169 Marjorie Meinert Hi-Fi and Mighty     11/14/2000
LSP-2175 Chet Atkins The Other Chet Atkins BP N 11/16/2000
LSP-2180 Buddy Morrow Double Impact     11/14/2000
LSP-2181 Homer and Jethro At The Country Club     11/14/2000
LSP-2187 Tito Puente Cha Cha at Grossinger’s BS   11/14/2000
LSP-2194 Harry Belafonte Swing Dat Hammer BS WH 11/14/2000
LSP-2198 Henry Mancini Music From Mr. Lucky AS H 11/17/2000
LSP-2199 Pete Ruggolo Jack The Ripper     11/14/2000
LSP-2208 Buddy Morrow Poe For Moderns     11/16/2000
LSP-2225 Esquivel Infinity in Sound     12/3/2005
LSP-2230 Marty Gold Skin Tight     11/14/2000
LSP-2231 Elvis Presley Elvis Is Back! BP N 11/16/2000
LSP-2232 Chet Atkins Workshop BP N 11/16/2000
LSP-2236 Sam Cooke Hits of the 50’s BS SB 11/16/2000
LSP-2237 John Klein and Sid Ramin The New Sound America Loves Best     11/14/2000
LSP-2251 Carlos Montoya Carlos Montoya BS SA 11/14/2000
LSP-2258 Henry Mancini Combo! AS H 11/14/2000
LSP-2267 Miriam Makeba Miriam Makeba BS WH 7/31/2003
LSP-2270 New Glenn Miller Orchestra The Authentic Sound     11/14/2000
LSP-2272 The Limeliters Live In Person AS H 11/16/2000
LSP-2286 Homer and Jethro Songs My Mother Never Sang     11/16/2000
LSP-2289 Dick Schory Wild Percussion and Horns Aplenty     11/14/2000
LSP-2296 Esquivel Infinity in Sound Vol. 2 JN H 12/3/2005
LSP-2309 Belafonte Folksingers At Home and Abroad BS & RH WH 11/14/2000
LSP-2334 Peter Nero Piano Forte BS WH 11/14/2000
LSP-2346 Chet Atkins The Most Popular Guitar BP N 11/14/2000
LSP-2352 The First Percussion Sextet The Most Fabulous Sound Experience Ever!     11/14/2000
LSP-2360 Henry Mancini Mr. Lucky Goes Latin AS H 1/5/2001
LSP-2362 Henry Mancini Breakfast At Tiffany's AS H 12/30/2000
LSP-2380 Carlos Montoya Malaguena LL WH 11/14/2000
LSP-2383 Peter Nero New Piano In Town BS WH 11/10/2004
LSP-2388 Harry Belafonte Jump Up Calypso BS   11/14/2000
LSP-2393 Limeliters The Slightly Fabulous Limeliters AS   11/16/2000
LSP-2420 Gary Burton New Vibe Man in Town RH WH 11/16/2000
LSP-2426 Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii     11/16/2000
LSP-2438 Paul Desmond Desmond Blue RH WH 11/14/2000
LSP-2445 Limeliters Sing Out! AS H 11/16/2000
LSP-2449 Harry Belafonte The Midnight Special BS   11/14/2000
LSP-2455 Homer and Jethro Zany Songs of the 30's     11/16/2000
LSP-2459 Homer and Jethro Playing It Straight     11/16/2000
LSP-2486 Joe Morello It's About Time EO WH & SA 11/16/2000
LSP-2492 Homer and Jethro At The Convention     11/14/2000
LSP-2494 Arthur Murray Music for Dancing     11/14/2000
LSP-2495 Jonathan & Darlene Edwards Sing Along     11/16/2000
LSP-2522 Norman Luboff Choir Chorale Spectacular KW WTH 8/1/2003
LSP-2527 Sonny Rollins The Bridge RH SB 11/16/2000
LSP-2533 Charles Mingus Tijuana Moods BS SA 11/16/2000
LSP-2535 Marty Gold The Music of Rodgers & Hart MC WH 12/8/2000
LSP-2543 Nat Pierce with Buck Clayton Big Band at the Savoy     12/8/2000
LSP-2549 Chet Atkins Caribbean Guitar BP N 11/16/2000
LSP-2551 Ann-Margret The Vivacious One DH H 12/3/2005
LSP-2559 Henry Mancini Hatari AS H 11/14/2000
LSP-2566 Carlos Montoya The Incredible Carlos Montoya     11/14/2000
LSP-2569 Paul Desmond Take Ten RH WH 11/16/2000
LSP-2572 Sonny Rollins What’s New RH SB 5/6/2003
LSP-2574 Harry Belafonte Many Moods BS   11/14/2000
LSP-2609 The Limeliters Our Men in San Francisco AS SF 1/5/2001
LSP-2612 Sonny Rollins Our Man In Jazz PG NYC 11/16/2000
LSP-2623 Gene Autry Golden Hits     11/14/2000
LSP-2624 Paul Desmond Two of a Mind RH,BS,MC SA 11/16/2000
LSP-2625 Sam Cooke Best of Sam Cooke     11/16/2000
LSP-2641 Hugo and Luigi The Cascading Voices of Hugo and Luigi Chorus     11/14/2000
LSP-2653 Carlos Montoya Flamenco Antiquo     11/14/2000
LSP-2665 Gary Burton Who Is Gary Burton? RH SA 11/16/2000
LSP-2673 Sam Cooke Mr. Soul DH H 11/16/2000
LSP-2674 Homer and Jethro Go West     11/16/2000
LSP-2687 U.S. Marine Band       11/14/2000
LSP-2695 Harry Belafonte Streets I Have Walked BS NYC 11/16/2000
LSP-2698 Benny Goodman Quartet Together Again! RH & MC WH & SA 7/22/2001

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